Hanwha Q CELLS to showcase one-stop-shop solar solutions at Intersolar Europe 2018

Meeting the PV needs of Europe: Hanwha Q CELLS to showcase one-stop-shop solar solutions at Intersolar Europe

  • Product range includes the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 half-cell module, a module shortlisted for the Intersolar Award 2018
  • Innovative system solutions, including the Q.FLAT-G5 and Q.MOUNT, will demonstrate Hanwha Q CELLS’ commitment to supporting the entire solar value chain
  • Hanwha Q CELLS Q-HOME+ ESS-G1 storage solution is ideal all-in-one battery for Europe’s growing residential self-consumption market
  • Teaser of forthcoming Q.HOME CLOUD software platform will also be unveiled on the giant screen at Hanwha Q CELLS booth A1.180


[Berlin, Germany, June 15, 2018] Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: HQCL), one of the world’s largest solar cell and module manufacturers will present a broad portfolio of solar PV solutions at the Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany, that perfectly meets the needs of the resurgent European PV market.

With Europe’s installed solar capacity expected to grow by approximately 35% year-on-year in 2018 (according to GTM Research), Hanwha Q CELLS is primed to deliver a variety of solar module, mounting, storage and software solutions to the residential and commercial and industrial (C&I) segments of leading and emerging European markets.


Solutions designed with rooftop solar in mind

Products showcased at the two Hanwha Q CELLS booths (A1.180 and A1.270) at Intersolar Europe – which will be held in Munich, Germany from June 20 to 22 – will include the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 and Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 high-performance solar modules. These monocrystalline solar modules have 120 half-cut cells and use Q.ANTUM DUO technology, including six bus bars and round wires to deliver superior energy yield and, in the case of the Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 modules, unrivalled aesthetics, making them ideal for residential rooftop installations.

The Q.PEAK DUO-G5 module has also been shortlisted for an Intersolar Award 2018, having already turned heads at the recent SNEC exhibition in Shanghai.

Hanwha Q CELLS is rightly proud of its leading solar cell technology, and together with its affiliate Hanwha Q CELLS Korea Corporation, recently reached 8 GW global production capacity of cells and modules. However, Hanwha Q CELLS is also committed to bringing its expertise and exacting standards to other areas of the solar production chain. This is why visitors to the booths at Intersolar Europe will be able to view the Q.FLAT-G5, a system solution designed for flat rooftops, common among the C&I space of Europe, as well as the Q.MOUNT, which is a universal system for sloping rooftops that facilitates quick and easy module installation.


Bringing the solar smarts

The Intersolar Europe exhibition is no longer a showcase simply for solar energy. It is increasingly the leading fair for all types of smart energy systems, from battery storage to digital platforms designed to give consumers better control of their energy.

As Europe’s homeowners and businesses turn in greater number to solar energy, self-consumption of this PV energy is poised to increase. With that in mind, the latest iteration in Hanwha Q CELLS’ storage range will be on display – the Q.HOME+ ESS-G1. This Q CELLS all-in-one storage solution is available in three sizes, making it well-suited for types of residential home. Also on display at Intersolar Europe will be the Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G2, which will be a modular and scalable storage solution that will enable system owners to expand their storage capacity to meet their specific needs. The system will scalable through five different sizes, which will enable even greater control and flexibility in managing private consumption of solar energy.

Also showcased at Intersolar Europe will be the Q.PARTNER Program, which is a unique partnership initiative that enables solar professionals to work closely with Hanwha Q CELLS to further their exposure and success across Europe’s solar landscape. Furthermore, the Hanwha Q CELLS booth will present a teaser of the forthcoming Q.HOME CLOUD platform, which is a smart software solution designed to allow homeowners 100% autonomy over their solar electricity. All of these products, as well as a handful of exciting and innovative PV projects, will be presented throughout the three-day show at the huge display screen and in presentations at Hanwha Q CELLS booth A1.180.

Hanwha Q CELLS EU Sales Head Maengyoon Kim said, “The resurgence of solar growth in Europe is an encouraging sign, particularly in markets that have either previously witnessed a boom-bust climate, such as Germany, France and Spain, or those that have been slow to adopt solar, like the Netherlands and Belgium. Today, we see a great appetite for PV in these markets, and particularly in the residential and C&I space of Germany and the Benelux region.

“This is why Hanwha Q CELLS will showcase such a broad portfolio of market-leading and market-ready products at Intersolar Europe that specifically meet the needs of the European solar sector. We are proud that the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 has been recognized by the organisers of the show as a leading technology and are very pleased that the module has been shortlisted for an Intersolar Award. Complementing our module technology, we believe that our home storage, rooftop mounting and forthcoming home cloud software solutions provide the perfect package for PV customers, both new and old, across Europe.”


Hanwha Q CELLS product and booth highlights at Intersolar Europe 2018

Solar modules

  • Q.PEAK DUO-G5: Q.ANTUM DUO technology-based monocrystalline half-cell module. Power ratings of up to 330 Wp and efficiency of up to 19.9% for lowest LCOE. Shortlisted for Intersolar Award 2018.
  • Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5: Boasts an outstanding all-black visual appearance and power ratings of up to 320 Wp. Based on Q.ANTUM DUO technology and half-cut monocrystalline cells.
  • Q.PEAK-G4.1: Monocrystalline 60-cell Q.ANTUM solar module with power ratings of up to 305 Wp, offering maximum yield under real conditions.
  • Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1: All-black monocrystalline 60-cell Q.ANTUM solar module with power ratings of up to 295 Wp, offering top energy yields and pleasing aesthetics.
  • Q.PEAK RSF L-G4.2: Monocrystalline 72-cell Q.ANTUM solar module with innovative reinforced steel frame and decentralized junction box. Power ratings of up to 375 Wp.

Solar solutions

  • Q.FLAT-G5: Hanwha Q CELLS’ flat roof PV system, including Q.ANTUM solar modules and a dedicated mounting system for easy installation.
  • Q.HOME+ ESS-G1: All-in-one residential lithium-ion battery available in sizes 3.6 kWh, 5.5 kWh and 8.0 kWh, making it suitable for all types of homes in Europe.
  • Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G2: Modular and scalable storage solution developed for residential systems which will soon be available in five sizes. Comprises hybrid inverter, battery and management system.


Booth highlights (A1.180 and A1.270)

  • At the giant display screen and in presentations at booth A1.180 all of these products will be showcased, the forthcoming Q.HOME CLOUD software solution, and a range of interesting projects carried out by Hanwha Q CELLS.
  • A short video detailing the benefits and features of the Q.PARTNER Program - specifically how it can boost solar professionals’ penetration, standing, and service reputation in the European solar industry.


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