Our solar business in focus

The best guarantee for your long term investment is our quality.

Hanwha Q CELLS never stops improving its products. Our premium solar modules are the result of our industry-leading technical expertise. More than 400 scientists and engineers research, develop, and conduct tests in our four R&D centers and in our module test center. Therefore, it is no coincidence that our solar modules have set numerous world records for efficiency.

Hanwha Q CELLS is one of the most trusted names in the global solar industry, with top-quality solar products and services. Hanwha Q CELLS features cutting edge solar cell technologies and maintains state-of-the-art research and development capabilities. Its products have been independently tested and verified by the rigorous and independent quality assurance programme of the German certification institute, VDE.

Hanwha Q CELLS operates its own VDE-certified testing laboratory to test products under extreme conditions such as hail showers and desert heat.
In June 2015, PHOTON magazine announced that Q CELLS' solar panel model Q.PRO-G2 was the winner in the full-year yield measurement by the Photon laboratory in 2014 for the second consecutive year.

Q.PRO-G2 outperformed not only all polycrystalline competitors, but also most of the mono-crystalline solar panels in the test of a total of 174 panels. Overall, Q.PRO-G2 achieved the sixth position among all modules that had been tested. We have been awarded the Top Brand PV Seal 2016 in Europe, USA and Australia which shows that our customers place a lot of trust in the quality and performance of our products.