The product brand of Hanwha Q CELLS is the renowned Q CELLS brand.

The Q CELLS product brand markets a premium module portfolio including Q.PLUS, Q.PEAK, Q.POWER, and Q.PRIME. Q CELLS solar modules meet the highest quality standards, are extremel y reliable, and achieve outstanding energy yields.

Key Benefits

Q.ANTUM technology

Q CELLS modules achieve higher yields per surface area, have lower BOS costs, reach higher power classes, and boast excellent efficiency rates.

VDE Quality Tested

Q CELLS modules, solar power plants, and EPC services have been certified by the strict Quality tested program of the VDE certification institute.

Engineered in Germany

Q CELLS modules are engineered in Germany. At our headquarters for technology and innovation in Thalheim, Germany, we constantly explore new methods and technologies to maintain our leading global position.

Quadruple Yield Security

The Q CELLS Quadruple Yield Security combines the guaranteed resistance to potential induced degradation (PID) and light induced degradation (LID) with protection against hot-spots and product forgery.

The ideal solution for

Commercial and industrial rooftop installations
Private rooftop installations
Solar power plants on the ground

Hanwha Q CELLS never stops improving its products. Our premium solar modules are the result of our industry-leading technical expertise. More than 400 scientists and engineers research, develop, and conduct tests in our four R&D centers and in our module test center. Altogether more than 1,300 employees work in our four R&D centers and in our manufacturing plants. It is no coincidence that our solar modules have set numerous world records for efficiency. We have been awarded the 2016 Top Brand PV Seal in Europe, the USA and Australia, which shows that our customers place trust in quality and performance of our products.