Q CELLS Receives Carbon Footprint Certificate for the French PV Market

20140704_Q-CELLS-Receives-Carbon-Footprint-Certificate-for-the-French-PV-Market.rtfQ CELLS Receives Carbon Footprint Certificate for the French PV Market


  • Institute Solstyce confirms low CO2 consumption of 399 kg / kWp


  • Hanwha Q CELLS will bid in public tenders for PV projects in France


  • Growing market share in shrinking French PV market


[Thalheim, Germany, Aix en Provence, France, 4 July 2014] – Hanwha Q CELLS, Europe’s largest PV provider headquartered in Germany, today announced that it has received independent confirmation for producing PV modules with a low carbon footprint. The French institute Solstyce had analysed various production data of the company´s cell and module production. In the institute´s final report a CO2 consumption of below 400 kg per kWp has been confirmed (399,4 kg CO2 / kWp) on 24 June 2014. This puts Q CELLS in the position to bid in public tender calls for PV projects in France, where an independently confirmed low carbon footprint is a required precondition for participation.


“Our data analysis has shown that the production of Q CELLS PV modules causes comparably low CO2 emissions,” said Nicolas Planchenault, Carbon Footprint Expert at the French institute Solstyce. Philippe Pflieger, Head of Sales France at Hanwha Q CELLS said: “Producing PV modules with a low carbon footprint is especially important with regards to public tenders in the French PV market. However, Hanwha Q CELLS has always cared to not only sell eco-friendly products, but also ensure that production processes avoid pollution as much as possible.” After having received the final report at the end of June Q CELLS has announced to bid in public tenders for PV projects in France going forward.


Q CELLS strengthens its position in France


After opening its first office in the country at the end of March 2014 Hanwha Q CELLS has been strengthening its position on France’s PV market. “France is one of Hanwha Q CELLS’ focus markets in Europe. And we are consistently gaining market share in France,” said Philippe Pflieger.



Moreover, in an independent study among high-volume installers in France, Germany, the UK and Italy, the Q CELLS brand generally achieved the best results in comparison to other manufacturers (“Top Brand PV Europe 2014” says market researcher EuPD Research). Europe’s largest PV provider, Hanwha Q CELLS, is aiming at beginning new partnerships with medium-sized and large-scale installers in France. “Thanks to its high irradiation PV makes a lot of sense in France’s sunny regions,” added Philippe Pflieger. “We should be able to provide a “full system” C&I kit to the installers in Q4 2014.”


With a strengthened team and the new office the company is offering an on-site service throughout the entire country as well as a long-term cooperation and financial stability.



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